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Law or War

by Jan Stephen James Cavanaugh, Ph.D. on 06/15/13


Law or War

In which Do We Trust?

                                             Reflections June 7, 2009jsc

George W. Bush in the post 9/11 environment had an opportunity for greatness and whatever the immediate outcomes of the Faustian deals he made will be in the ashes of human civilization.  It did not have to be that way for the son could have outdone the father not in war, but in law, if only he had faith in Constitution he swore to uphold. The choice of law was his and America would have followed that choice is still before us if we could have faith in our Great Experiment in human governance. It is plain to see the winds of war are "quickening", so we had better get it right: Law before or after World War Three? The first feeble steps to global governance were taken. Unless the rule of law globally applied intervenes we can assume that history will repeat itself. Will Barack Obama duly elected by a clear majority keep faith with his chosen profession? What is the answer to our Titanic like course: Imagine our President calling upon the billions of innocent amongst us to build the next level of human governance, a World of Nations by 2020. Will 2020 be soon enough to stop the horrific event horizon on presence course? This would be humanities greatest drama to date. Imaging the stories they can tell. Barack Obama will co-opt Alexander the Great and we, the next great American generation. We have it within our power to demand that our President follow this course. It is not too late for the innocent of humanity to join together and bequeath our children a future ruled less and less by war and more and more by law. Can there be any greater gift for our children?  They will gratefully pay for a world free from the terror war unbounded rather than clean-up the holocaust of World War Three.. And to those who say this is impossible and will never happen, do note that no one had any idea what the great wars of last century would looked like till they ended. World War Three will be no different, but what seems fair to predict is an end to civilization as we now know it.  Do we as American trust our founding fathers who swore off torture in favor of law? Do we as people hang together in the sacred trust our forefathers put in our hands. Do we the innocent join together and make law the rule of the day?

That we in the United States of America can have robust debate about abortion, gay rights, and the beginning of life itself but not about war a great blindness of this generation.  


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